Une ivresse flamboyante -

un parti pris de la couleur.

A blazing rapture - A mind's made up for colour

For few years, a passage in differents studios of Caen's Fine Arts, determine her more than over all to carry on a painting  resolutely figurative, sensual

Do not sink in the tentation of only one abstraction, but on the contrary to try to obtain the line, the strongthforms in drawings and paintings.

Enigma form nothing, no knowing where her drawing is going, it's a spontaneous expression - the pouring out of a nervous body language, a movment that pré-existe to her gesture inducing sometimes the casual lines meeting.

a bold taste for color ---an art inspired, that do without models or nearly

Pictures born from themselves, impresse  them by sharps lines to cheer the eye and to give reference points and emotion.

Discover a bust'beauty, a leg sensuality, the interpretation is also bringer of charm an emotion - by the choice of hr warm palette "fauve" and subtled of her earthling roots maked by ocher, browns, reds and gold.

A construction by color - "a blazing rapture". The "creation"  iresolutely assorted by the serenety of generous ans fashly forms from models.

The colour' intensity attracted attention.

From these years of work flashes the intense revelation of sensibility ans strength ; a work of colour, a work of matter; Hardly touchs give to this burning body language power ans self control.

A script minded by human forms - A minds made up of colour.

A blazing rapture- A flemish ectasy.


The nude theme can look strictly timelest even commun- but it's apply to our condition human internity. The search of body, a pudic sensibility to draw or to paint in private intimity, to pass from a thirly line to a plenty moment, to lay a dense and hand mark in a harmony of warm shades from my earthling roots. The hand is there to translate emotions in front of a subject who sends back to others sensations either the simple extheticism. The hand applies to create outline a weight an energy.Then the emotion translate the sensibility the sensuality. the nude beauty in painting is less int the anatomy than in the gaze'beauty that we look to the work - a tension betwen the true and the performance. Create a thruth, and leane ans unshakeable part let out.

A delight of imagination

Une ivresse Flamande -